We’re living in a MOD world

The 70s are back! Fashion always repeats itself and we have been flirting with the 70s trend but this fall we are diving in and fully embracing it. From a-line mini skirts, shift dresses and geometric prints.

Here is some inspiration for this new trend, what’s your take on it?

1c3eee49845d958b7b3fcb113239345d 4dfc673c22224182638f65752da3ecc6 5f9b10a26aaa11272679f3addfa73b78 7aa6dcfe36bea9cb2f8414fdfcd81369 7f0d17bb46e6d17779a4c67b10b56d15 016bd30e568a1b9b77115779970eb016 38b12568271adb37fa0a776a777c11fe 54ccf3529c41895d3fedc8fe1da3d206  2385d212afa6e1096628950ac0e7b99b 3337b50ce5255de5033d07f46e7568e0  a22adfb41bd606ae30853b60b1fb7bbc  e10a0c7e4f1820e8f81ba26f2382ce17 Karen_Walker_wlk_aw15_035_hr (1) MODFUTURE013

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