Styling your outfit: The perfect earrings

earringsIt’s summer, the weather is warm, people are happy and there is always a reason to dress up and celebrate something. From the many wedding invitations to birthday festivities, there will be plenty of dress up occasions.

Accessories can make or break your outfit so take another minute to think about it next time you’re putting your outfit together.

From a trend point of view, we went from a statement necklace frenzy to statement earrings! Now we are all about bringing attention to our beautiful faces with earrings that turn heads.

Please make sure to not over-do it with accessories, I can’t stress this enough. Choose one piece to make a statement and keep the rest minimal. If you want to be fashion-forward and wear statement earrings make sure to go bare on the necklace or a very delicate small one.

Above are some of my favorite picks!

1. Phenomenal Fanfare Earrings

2. Villa Grand Earrings

3. Drop Earrings

4. Fan Drop Earrings

5. Deepa Gurnani Crystal Earrings

6. Femme Linear Earrings

7. Reality of Dreams by Samantha Wills

8. Film Noir Memories Stud Earrings

9. See Forever Earrings



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