4th of July Menu

Getting ready for the fourth of July festivities? I am! Besides selecting what to wear, one of my favorite parts of entertaining is the food!! I’m a huge foodie, I love trying new recipes and making a visually impactful spread (maybe that’s my design school background kicking in) What will you make? Anything that sparks your interest?773c6c3e72646d6bd247ae7da5032c8b 1100dcb35f6e3ce2ee69d7eaf139d288

d4915ab25c4093610deaebd93cc70973.2 8608071863aff53a96818d6ecf81189c1e4c37e2343562cbd1a2f584512672aa.2320e4e3314fa4604be8830d2330c06fd

Cheesecake stuffed strawberries59d6a08b0869b784a4a5bc66901b0ffb

Mini Star Berry Pies recipe1e0a08497f5fcc3cb2e70cbbd949bff0.2

Star red velvet brownie recipe99f7e3a7901ba7dd804002eecd36c403American Flag Popsicles recipe72972d06ef468e3713ac90edab036988.2

Strawberry Lemonade recipe



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