Trend Alert! Midi Length Skirt

Midi full skirt

Midi full skirt_street style

1c2a02ce69697cad8857a6a80b3cc2a2 cbe37f8a0d1c8fb2564ac0571daac85b 882555168a1d4c8cc6df5eeba32828c6 710bf7360f4121a9c1171d1be2edd06b 49fcfbadeaacef0c486399cde55fbbab 8a5bcf87c778444db53d86e469e2b86eI’ve come to realize that after you pass a certain age, some lengths just aren’t appropriate. For me I’ve started to become a lot more uncomfortable wearing mini skirts even though I’m still in my 20s and I’m fit. So I was thrilled when the midi length emerged! It’s super girly, trendy and stylish. Now, you can look cute and not have to worry if you’re showing too much skin.

There are so many cute updates to this length, from different fabrications like lace or denim to embroidery details. It always starts in the runway and then we can’t stop seeing it in the streets! Above are some of my favorite runway and street style looks. Inspire yourself and your wardrobe!!

Which one is your favorite?



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