Father’s Day Gift Ideas

father's day gifts

It seems like Father’s Day is always an after thought in comparison to Mother’s Day and it could be because retailers out there don’t make as much of a fuzz about it. I think it’s just as important but I have to be honest it is a little bit harder to shop for Dad than for Mom. Of course you can personalize your gift based on your own dad, but above are some of my favorite ones that are easy go-to.

Personalization is so on trend right now overall so why not use that for Dad and take the extra time and effort into monogramming something special. For the tech savvy dad, there is plenty to go around like the new Apple watch. And for the late comers/last minute planners or just for the ones that can’t be physically with their fathers; there are plenty of edible delivery services because let’s face it most dads love sweets and food.

This year, I won’t be going to visit my family for this occasion so I’ll be sending some treats from one of these places…haven’t really decided which one yet (I’m one of those last minute gals)

Cookies By Design

Gourmet Gift Baskets

Pro Flowers (they have food not just flowers)

Edible Arrangements

What special thing are you doing for your dad?



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